The Washington County Historical Society (WCHS) has gathered and archived on its website thousands of historic records and photographs regarding people, places and things all pertaining to Utah's Dixie and encourages input from others to ensure the history is kept and preserved. The website’s history of the Pioneer Courthouse is a good example of the society’s efforts.

The WCHS has been deeply involved in raising funds to erect a statue in honor of Juanita Brooks, a local historian and author. Employed as a teacher at Dixie College, Juanita immersed herself in researching and documenting the history of southern Utah. She produced the first treatise on the difficult subject of the Mountain Meadows Massacre. Artist Annette Everett is designing the life-size statue.

WCHS is currently spearheading a project to gather histories from local residents on the effects, implications, and impact of the Covid-19 Pandemic. Stories can be submitted to the Society.