Karl Brooks
34th Mayor of St. George

As many as 2,000 building permits were issued in one year.  Green Valley and Bloomington Hills boomed.  Sun Brook and South Gate golf courses were built.  Golf became a big business.  The old Dixie College and Beet Factory buildings were refurbished.  With two million dollars from the E.P.A., a new sewer treatment plant was built. Mayor Brooks worked to get Quail Creek and what the flood of 1989 destroyed, rebuilt.  He was a major influence in the development of the first Dixie Center.  He formed a Fine Arts committee.  He joined smaller committees together to work on the Snow Canyon water and allowed Washington, Santa Clara and Ivins to hook up to the new sewer plant.  His calming influence saw St. George through its fasted growth.  He was President of the Utah League of Cities and towns, he also served on more than a dozen state-wide committees.  He was a gifted speaker and one always in demand.