Alexander and Alice Milne Home

Built by master Scottish craftsman William Burt who also plastered the tabernacle, the temple, and the courthouse, this adobe home at 186 South 200 East was purchased by Alexander and Alice who lived here for over 60 years. In the beautiful front room was a pump organ, and in the dining room, Alice set up a long table where the family gathered for Thanksgiving dinner prepared on a wood-burning stove. On hot summer days, teh grandchildren visited to eat Alice's gingersnap cookies and relish in the cool air provided by the thick adobe walls. In the bedroom was a grand brass bed and outside in the garden grew current bushes, grapevines, white corn, beets, radishes, tomatoes and potatoes. On autumnal evenings they threw raw potatoes onto the bonfire lit beside the garden and when the skins were crispy and the potato soft, this delicious treat was devoured. After Alexander died in 1929, Alice lived as a widow in the home for nearly twenty years. Alice's wedding dress, seen in the photo, dated 20 January 1886, can be viewed at the McQuarrie Memorial Daughters of the Utah Pioneers Museum.