Frederick and Emily Blake Home

In 1870, Fred and wife Emily Green moved into this home at 135 South 100 East built by his neighbor and father. Tragedy hovered over this family. First, first wife Sarah Hardy refused to move to St. George, so she remained north. Next, Emily's son, James Henry Blake, was born and died at age 18 months in this house. Six months later son George was born here, but he died 18 months later. Sent north to her mother's home to recover, Emily was unable to read and write, so her 16-year-old sister wrote letters for her. Impressed with the letters, Fred asked Emily for permission to marry Elizabeth. Emily declined, but Fred married Elizabeth anyway. Dismayed and pregnant, Emily left her husband. Son Frederick died at age 14 from dropsy. While cutting lumber for the St. George Temple at his sawmill in Mt. Trumbull, Fred got caught in the machinery and a co-worker broke three knives to break him free. With life altering brain injuries, Fred lived with his brother until his death in 1916. Fred's sister Harriet and her husband Neils Sandberg lived in the home from 1903 to 1942.